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A Christmas Theft

Developer: Rexopax Software
0.99 usd

* Survival strategy RPG game.* Ads: A banner on the main menu shows our other apps.* 3 scenarios in the full Christmas campaign.* Ambient sound effect system to enhance playing experience.* Weather effect in the form of snow.* Leaderboards.* Achievements.* Sounds and music. You can turn off music and/or sound if you want to in settings in the game.* Experience points, which level the units. Levelled units have higher attack and defence values.* Several difficulty levels to choose from.* AI playing speed can be adjusted to fit your liking.* Zooming features by pinching the screen.* Well performing AI. For instance the AI protects its weaker units with the stronger ones.* Autosave at the start of each turn and when exiting to game main menu.* Overviewmap window where you can get info about the map and current ongoing game...More detailed info:.This is a turnbased strategy game, in which you lead Santa Claus to retake his stolen presents. Snowmen and other mean characters should not ruin Christmas. Let's get those presents back!..© 2015 … logo, music, game... All rights reserved.